9 Days Away From Being an Entrepreneur…Again

9 days away leaving my job and being an entrepreneur – Saying Goodbye for now.

It was time to let the people know where I worked that I was moving on to pursue my real estate dreams. Everyone at the company was so dedicated, hardworking and incredibly loyal. I was nervous because I did not want to burn that bridge, but I knew it was my time to go after my dreams.

More than a few weeks ago, I came into work to talk to the CEO of my plans to start a real estate development and investment company. He was surprisingly supportive of me pursuing my dreams and passion in real estate. He also offered to introduce me to several people he knew in real estate development, wished me the best and told me that door was wide open for any support or advice. I had the same feeling from the rest of my team.  It really felt good that the people I work so hard for over the last few years were being so supportive. I know this is not normally the case for many people taking the deep dive into entrepreneurism. In fact, I was prepared for the worst as you never know how someone will react to you leaving your job.

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Oxnard Project

6 Days away leaving my job and being an entrepreneur.  – The realization

I am 6 days away from being an entrepreneur. It feels like I am going to start to live. That sounds extreme, but I mean it in the gentlest way. I really want to run my own company and knowing that all the energy and love put into the company is toward the goal of building wealth for my family and helping others. The biggest portion of “starting to live” is being my own boss and is controlling my own schedule.

It’s so invigorating knowing that in 6 days I will focus 100% of my working time buying then remodeling/building and re-selling real estate.   This is so exciting as I get to do what I love everyday!

3 Days away from leaving my job and being an entrepreneur.  –  Restlessness

These last couple days at work have been +14 hours/day as I want to make sure every little thing is taken care before I transition. Each day has started at 4am. I really want the team where I currently work to be in a good situation when I have departed.  It’s a bit nerve racking knowing that I will no longer have a guaranteed paycheck, health insurance, bonus, etc. But the trade off will be worth it!  I look forward to being in charge of my time and doing something that is financially, mentally and emotionally rewarding. I have been a real estate entrepreneur in the past and know that there will be plenty of challenges and lots of learning opportunities, and hopefully sooner than later! 3 days away to start looking aggressively!

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Platt Project

1 Day away from leaving my job and being an entrepreneur.  –  Get-er Done

“Get-er done” Richard, one of my co-workers who has his own construction company but worked with us on larger solar projects.  I love this saying because to me it represents that Can Do/Do Whatever it Takes attitude.

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