How I Started in Real Estate Investment

I started a blog because I wanted to demonstrate to the average person how they can pursue their dreams of being an entrepreneur and specifically how they can buy, remodel and resell a home for a profit.

First and most repeated lesson, you have to work hard, I mean really really hard. Minimal effort generally realizes minimal results. You have to create time to go after your dreams (yes we never have enough time), that’s why you have to create it!  Again, work hard and you will learn to work smarter, but you will have to work harder than you are comfortable with to condition yourself to take advantage of opportunities.

I also created a blog to inspire current and future entrepreneurs to go after it! Turn ideas to actions, turn actions into income, turn enough income into a business that allows you to leave your job, turn your business into what you can dream, and along the way help others do the same!  I am serious, helping others is so critical to being a great entrepreneur and great person!


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