Rose Hill Project Video


In this video, we take you to the Rose Hill project in Lincoln Heights; in the city of Los Angeles. This was our roughest project to date, but we immediately saw the potential; one of them being the amazing views this place has.

Yes, we were faced with a lot of challenges: limited building permits, and installing all new plumbing; including running an entire new sewer line. There was also the issue of working with really small spaces. We knew ahead of time that if we took this project on that we would more than likely be faced with quite a few issues, and every one we thought we’d encounter ended up happening. However, we did our homework, and were prepared, so we were able to overcome every challenge that came up.

Some things we did to improve the overall look was to utilize space. One way we did this was by completely getting rid of the walls, even moving the bathroom around, so it could be that much more open. In addition to that, we made sure the window and doors were big, bright, airy and open, which makes it feel more comfortable. Staging the house was very important as well. With the proper staging, it makes potential buyers feel as if they can move in right away and use it instantly.

The Rosehill project was a challenge, but it ended up being as beautiful as we thought it would be. We hope some of the things we learned, as far as opening up the spaces, working with what you have, and overcoming challenges, will help you out as well.

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