St. Louis Project: Making L.A. More Beautiful One House at a Time

Real Estate is exciting, and there’s still tons of opportunities out there to be found.  Prices are historically low, and you can still find an inexpensive house that has the potential to increase in value. The St. Louis Project was one such opportunity. It needed a lot of work construction-wise, and the capital outlet needed was costly. It needed new exterior stucco, we replaced roofs, installed new plumbing, new floors, new electric, the list goes on. However, the end result was wonderful. We furnished this home to let the buyer see how livable it is as well. It really added that personal touch. We were creative, yet straight-forward. We bought the St. Louis home for $125,000, and sold it for $395,000, and in the process we set the highest comp for the neighborhood per square foot for multi-family.

One piece of advice I can offer is to always buy property at a great price, and always go the extra mile to make sure the buyer is happy with your work. I am so proud to live and work in the Los Angeles area. An important part of being an entrepreneur is about helping people, and the community; so it makes sense that it’s my passion, my goal, to make L.A. more beautiful, one house at a time.

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